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Good Naked Book Launch!

Audio book available September 2018

Spanish Edition available September 2018


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God likes sex. He made it, and He likes everything He made. Sex is an amazing experience that can be the perfect moment in a beautiful, covenant relationship. Except when it isn’t. No one likes sex that is troublesome, unfulfilling, and wounding. Not even God. But sex was never designed to just be a stand-alone experience. God designed it to function within a system in the same way He created the universe to work within a system. In fact, God started the whole thing with naked—good naked, and not afraid or ashamed. 

About the New Book


Designed with Purpose is a 3 work-book study on sexual wholeness designed for teens.

The series is written to either girls or guys, and comes with a Leader's Guide.  

Available for purchase from Teen Challenge USA.  

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Cindy G. Irwin is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and a certified Christian Sex Therapist with over 25 years of experience. She is a clinical member of the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists, is a Lead Marriage-Intensive Therapist with The Clearing Marriage Center, and spent over a decade as a Lead Marriage-Intensive Therapist with Focus on the Family’s National Institute of Marriage. She serves on the Advisory Board of Teen Challenge International and developed the ministry’s curriculum on Sexual Wholeness.

As the founder and executive director of Life by Design Ministries, a counseling center and ministry that specializes in sexual wholeness, Cindy’s passion is helping others gain insight and delight around their sexuality so couples can experience the full abundance of God’s design for intimacy. Cindy created Design Mark Publishing to promote wholeness in the heart of every person as an outflow of the fullness of their lives and is the creator of Relationship University where she teaches ministry leaders how to be productive relational experts in their own lives as well as in their ministries.

Cindy and her husband, Steve, who are both ordained ministers, have experienced the challenges and joys of marriage since 1985. They live in Missouri, and are delighting in the fruits of their labor with their two grown sons.

Good Naked promises practical insight for sexual wholeness with a simple, seven-layer look into God’s design for sex. With easy to understand theology and clear ways to apply the material learned, Good Naked can help you enjoy God’s plan for a delightful and delicious sexual experience.